Selection of spanish cheeses with fruits preserves

Partridge pate and foie gras served with caramelized onion and passion fruit

Picnic table with russian salad, shrimp “churros”, croquettes and crispy shrimp bites

Bravas with chili Alioli tomato sauce        

Tuna salad with onion, wasabi guacamole and beets

Lettuce and spinach salad with seeds, fresh cheese and raspberry dressing

Red tuna tartar, almonds ajo blanco and mustard ice cream

Russian salad with ligth shrimp mayonnaise

Tuna Hot-Dog, french fries and lemon chili mayo         

Beetroot Salmorejo with olive oil extra virgin

Prawns with sherry on fine garlic confit cream

Dry tomatoes and parmesan risotto

Rice paella with iberian pork “presa”

Fried potatoes, eggs and iberian ham

Tuna bao sandwich with wakame and wasabi mayo

Croquetas with tartar sauce

Shitake mushroom, poached eggs and boletus cream soup

Partridge raviolis, sautéed vegetagle and red currant chocolate sauce



Baby squid with Pedro Ximénez onions, Iberian bacon confit and lime alioli

Gilthead fish with peas risonni, shrimp hollandaise sauce and Salicornia

Netherland style tuna stew with bulgur, carrot and Guinness beer

Cod loin in traditional style tomato sauce

Grilled octopus, mash potatoes, paprika and extra olive oil



Grilled Iberian pork “presa”, mustard mayo and braised buds

Grilled Iberian pork “abanico” serviced with fried sweet potatoes

Grilled aged strip (300 gr.) Winners World Steak Challengue 2018

Grilled aged rib eyes (min.400 gr.) Winners World Steak Challengue 2018          

Grilled beef tenderloin served with potatoes and tarragon gravy



Black chocolate ganache and guanaja ice cream

Dame Blanche (a classic in our own way), with peanut powder

Apple Tatin, caramel ice cream and honey comb

Lemon meringue pie served in a glass

Lemon granita

Hibiscus granita cocktel

Our Carrot Cake

Our Red Velvet Cake